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Based in Huddersfield, covering all of West Yorkshire

Expert Conservatory Cleaning

Pride in our work

Conservatory cleaning is one of our core services. When left un touched for many years, uPVC conservatories can quickly grow green with algae. We take great pride in transforming them back to bright white.

Only the safest chemicals

Some exterior cleaners will often use sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach) to kill and remove algae, biofilm and other dirt and growth found on conservatory uPVC. This can permanently stain uPVC and harm pets and should be captured before running down the drains. We strongly believe in using the right tool for the job and will only use environmentally safe soaps and detergents which will not harm your property or plant or animal life.

Keeping your conservatory roof safe

Because of the use of telescopic water fed poles and platform ladders, we don't have to walk on your conservatory roof. Some conservatory roofs are not designed to bear any weight, some exterior cleaners will use platform ladders to access your roof but we will not be putting any weight on your roof during cleaning. We will also not be using any high water pressure as this can damage the seal in your roof and allow water inside.

Pure Water finish

Using the latest in reverse osmosis and deionising filtration to create pure water, we will leave your conservatory roof sparkling clean, rinsing away all soapy residue to leave a perfect finish.







Exports (10 of 11).jpg
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