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Roof Cleaning Services

Roof Cleaning, Roof Moss Removal & Biocidal Treatment

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Roof Cleaning Services

Do I need my roof cleaned?

Moss can cause serious issues on roofs. It is not only unsightly, but an overgrowth of moss can damage your roof and lead to damp issues/water ingress. It can also make it easier for your roof tiles to blow off in high winds, especially in winter when the moss is frozen Having the moss removed and then applying a biocidal treatment afterwards is the best method for ensuring your roof has a full lifespan.

Do you pressure wash roofs?

If required, yes. However, not all types of roofs are suitable for pressure washing particularly very delicate tiles. We generally manually scrape the majority of roofs but pressure washing a roof is an excellent way to get the roof looking almost like new again with instant results. 

What is roof scraping?

Although very labour intensive, scraping remains one of the most gentle yet effective methods of removing moss. 

A manual scrape and then biocidal treatment is the safest method to prevent any damage to your roof while still being effective at removing any moss growth.

The post biocidal treatment will soak into the tiles and into the overlaps and kill off remaining moss spores. It will also remove lichen and other organic growth on the tiles over time.

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Do you apply a chemical treatment to inhibit regrowth?

Absolutely! Our aim with roof scraping is to prepare a clean surface to apply a biocidal treatment. A biocide treatment that helps prevent moss regrowth cannot be applied to a roof already covered in moss. Some exterior cleaning companies will clean your roof with sodium hypochlorite (bleach), which will kill all organic growth found on the roof. However, this provides no long term benefit and can damage the felt underlay undearneath (if exposed). We prefer to use a biocide treatment which offers long term protection for roofs. A regrowth of biofilm is generally not seen for at least 3 years and in some cases, depending upon the nearby environment, many more years. As long as the roof remains clear from moss, a biocide treatment can be continually re applied every few years or at the first signs of any type of algea growth.

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Will you be climbing on my roof?

Most likely we will not need to climb on your roof. Many roofs that require cleaning are a few decades old and are more prone to damage compared to newly installed roofs. The safest method for access is via a portable scaffold tower, like the one shown below.

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I'm having my gutters cleared too frequently, will it help if I have my roof cleaned?

Absolutely! The majority of the moss which falls into your gutters has come off your roof. It's important to have your roof and gutters cleaned and clear to guarantee the proper function of water drainage of your roof and gutter system. Blocked gutters can easily cause damp issues within your property and the repair bills can easily cost thousands.

Whilst algae isn't particularly harmful to your roof tiles, although unsightly, moss is (according to the Association of Residential Managing Agents). Having a roof covered in moss makes them more likely to blow off the roof, especially during winter where the moss may freeze.

Once we have removed all the moss from your roof, this will have no doubt blocked up your gutters. Part of the roof cleaning includes having your gutter clear, so we will ensure there is no chance of a blockage due to moss.

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What will the finished roof clean look like?

See below photos for examples of completed roof cleans.

Roof clean-50.jpg

White line is the border of the neighbours roof!

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What does it cost to have my roof cleaned?

Every home is unique in some way and every roof likely has its own challenges. There are plenty of adverts from companies and local trades people offering cheap roof cleaning services, often from as little as £300 for a full roof clean. In our experience, we do not think it possible to provide a quality, competent, fully insured service with prices that low.

The majority of roof cleans are between £500 and £1500, however the cost will vary depending on a few factors such as how we will access the roof, how much moss there is to clear away, the size of the roof, the amount of biocide treatment required etc.

Free quotes and surveys are always available, please use the contact us button below to get in touch to discuss a free quote.


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