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Window Cleaning Services
Commercial, Domestic & Industrial
Based in Huddersfield, covering West Yorkshire

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Professional Pure Water Window Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

Reasonably Priced

During every visit your frames, sills and doors are included in the cost of window cleaning. No need to pay extra to maintain these essential parts of your property.

Only the safest methods

Telescopic carbon fibre water fed poles are our primary method of cleaning windows at height. This means your frames get a deeper clean compared to a traditional method, we have better accessibility getting to windows that were sometimes not possible before and you receive more privacy!

Keeping your property safe


Because of the use of telescopic water fed poles, we don't have to walk on fragile roof tiles.

No harsh chemicals

With the latest advances in pure water filtration, we very rarely have to use soaps and detergents. This ensures your windows stay cleaner between visits as there is no sticky soapy residue left behind for dirt to stick onto.

Health & Safety

The safety of operatives is paramount, by using the latest technology available in pure water window cleaning we are ensuring our operatives remain on the ground to comply with Health & Safety legislation. No more than 30 minutes should be spent up a ladder during a day or another form of access is required!

Investing in ourselves

Rest assured that you are working with a professional window cleaning company who are constantly re investing their profits back into the business to ensure we stay up to date with the latest advances in exterior cleaning.


Easy Payment Method

All of our regularly scheduled window cleaning domestic service is handled by the GoCardless Direct Debit system, which is protected by the Direct Debit scheme (Commercial and industrial are exempt from Direct Debit).

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