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Professional Pressure Washing 

Pride in our work

We love to bring your surfaces back to life again, whether it be tarmac, patios, driveways, resin, concrete, paths, wooden decking or garden walls.

Could I just clean my driveway myself?

Absolutely! There's nothing stopping you buying an off the shelf electric pressure washer and cleaning your own driveway. However, we use specialist industrial strength petrol powered pressure washers that require an external water tank to act as a buffer as they require more water than what is available from an outdoor tap. We're also fully insured for any damage to your property.

Do you use chemicals with your pressure washer?

For some jobs, yes. For the majority of pressure washing however, the high velocity of water is powerful enough to remove years of dirt and organic growth. Some surfaces require a pre/post treatment of specific chemicals to remove any organic matter that the pressure washer was not able to remove.

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