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uPVC & Cladding Cleaning

Pride in our work

When left un touched for many years, uPVC and claddic materials can soon grow green with algae. We take great pride in transforming them back to their original state.

Only the safest chemicals

Some exterior cleaners will often use sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach) to kill and remove algae, biofilm and other dirt and growth found on uPVC and cladding materials. This can permanently stain certain types of cladding and is also harmful to the environment if allow to enter the drainage system. We strongly believe in using the right tool for the job and will only use environmentally safe soaps and detergents which will not harm your property or plant or animal life.

Only the safest methods

Because of the use of telescopic water fed poles, portable scaffolding and mechanical lifts, we can provide excellent safety for our operatives. We will also not be using any high water pressure which has the potential to damage exterior surfaces.

cladding 3.jpg


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